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RDM Residential Designs is a full-service construction company offering both design/build and general contracting services to clients throughout the Hampton Roads area of Virginia and Northeastern North Carolina. Our Services include:


Residential Plans - Large or small, you bring your home ideas to us, and we help make them a reality. We listen to you, then provide a road map that meets your needs, while also maintaining proper regulatory design code.

Addition Plans - Do you need a new deck? A covered porch? Do you want to add a room to the house? We will visit you when it's convenient for you, listening to your goals, and provide you with a comprehensive design that meets the needs of your plan and your budget.

Construction Specification Documentation - This is the comprehensive description of the materials needed for your plan, basically the recipe for the project. What color will the bricks be, what type of cabinets, even down to the doorknobs. If you're taking estimates from four or five builders, it's a key element to building a residence and getting reliable, accurate quotes.


Construction Material Takeoffs - Now that you have an idea of what you want to build, what do you need to buy to make it happen? This is the comprehensive list of materials needed for your project- a shopping list, if you will.

Construction Cost Estimating - After we create the Construction Material Takeoff, how much will that cost, including labor, beginning to end? A Construction Cost Estimate is the bottom dollar amount you'll want to know to help you become well-informed when taking bids.


Construction Management - When the owner obtains their own funding, they'll pay all the vendors and subcontractors directly. A Construction Manager helps them find, maintain, and secure good and competitive quotes from reliable contractors. Additionally, the Construction Manager oversees the construction of the project from start to finish.

Construction Assist - Are you planning on building a deck yourself but need some advice about materials? Do you want to make sure the project complies to code? We'll come out there to lend a hand, take a look, or just give it a once-over to make sure you're meeting regulations.


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